Benefits of Switching School Buses to Propane Autogas

Does your school district’s fleet of school buses still depend on gasoline or diesel? Across Pennsylvania and the United States, more and more school districts are switching their buses to propane autogas in order to improve fleet efficiency, maintain safe student transportation, and help reduce their environmental impact. What makes propane autogas the best fuel choice for school buses? Read on to learn more.

Top 5 Reasons to Switch School Buses in PA to Propane Autogas

It might not be top of mind, but how your local school district fuels its school buses directly affects our community. These buses transport our students, are a major part of the district budget, and are running routes in our community nearly every day. Here’s why propane autogas is the best option for school bus fueling in the Delaware Valley:

  1. Cleaner Burn
    Propane autogas burns cleaner than gasoline and diesel. In fact, it produces significantly fewer nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, which is an air pollutant. This cleaner burn helps to minimize the environmental impact of school buses on the road and also minimizes engine damage.
  2. Greater Savings
    Every school district has a budget, and every budget is built around making sure students get the most out of their education. Propane autogas is a much more affordable fueling option for schools. It only costs 19 cents per mile! When you switch to autogas, the savings can be reallocated into other areas to support students and faculty.
  3. Reduced Maintenance
    Because propane autogas burns so cleanly, school buses require less engine maintenance. This is great for the efficiency of the fleet and also helps reduce maintenance costs for the district.
  4. Made in the USA
    Propane autogas is domestically made right here in the United States. Using a domestic fuel source helps to reduce our dependence on foreign energy and also supports local jobs and the economy.
  5. Potential Tax Credits
    For all of these reasons, there are several tax credit opportunities for switching to propane autogas. Find out if your school district could qualify for related tax credits. If so, the savings potential of propane autogas could be even higher.

Propane Autogas for Schools in Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley

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