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happy couple saving money on heating bills in PAWinter is on its way! Here in the Northeast, we count on our heating systems nearly half of the year to keep our families safe and warm. Find out why enrolling in a maintenance plan is the secret to saving on service, fuel, and future installation costs.

What’s Included in a Maintenance Plan?

Self Heating & Cooling is pleased to offer various maintenance agreements for all types of oil, propane, natural gas, and electric heating systems. You can protect your boiler, furnace, water heater, and even your electric heat pump! Plans are designed to provide valuable preventative maintenance and “just in case” coverage that will help make any necessary service visits easier on your wallet. Our maintenance plans include these valuable benefits:

  • Safety Inspection
  • Conservation Tune-Up
  • Parts & Labor Discounts
  • Oil Tank Replacement Payment
  • Emergency Service

Why Sign Up?

  • Avoid Unexpected, Expensive Breakdowns

    Self Heating & Cooling service technicians are highly trained to detect minor issues before they turn into big problems. When you enroll in a maintenance plan, you’ll receive an annual service visit from our HVAC specialists at no additional charge!

  • Use Less Energy, Spend Less Money

    Another benefit of your included annual tune-up is greater fuel efficiency and extended equipment lifespan. When your heating system runs at peak performance, it uses less fuel to provide the heat you need. This means you can expect lower heating bills and your boiler, furnace, or heat pump to last longer.

  • Save on Repairs and Replacements

    Just like any piece of machinery, your heating system will eventually require a repair. Sign up for a maintenance plan to take advantage of valuable parts and labor discounts, which will make fixing your oil, gas, or electric heating equipment much more affordable.

  • Enjoy Prompt, Friendly Service

    When you are enrolled in a Self Heating & Cooling maintenance agreement, you will always know who to call in the event of a system malfunction. Instead of scouring the internet for an available repair company, you can call on the service team you know and trust. Also, some maintenance agreements offer priority and emergency service for even greater peace of mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to check out the details of each maintenance agreement that we offer. Contact Self Heating & Cooling to sign up for the plan of your choice or to ask any questions.

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