Save Money on Home Comfort in Pennsylvania This Fall

If you’re a homeowner or resident living in Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who likes saving money, you’re in the right place! Self Heating & Cooling has compiled a list of methods for reducing your home comfort bills this fall.

How to Spend Less on PA Home Comfort

  • Find an Affordable Home Comfort Provider
    Are you spending too much on home heating fuel or HVAC service? Choose a home comfort provider who is honest and transparent about their pricing. When it comes to heating bills, you want to know exactly what you’re paying for: and of course, you want to find a good deal!
  • Boost Fuel Efficiency with an Annual Heating Tune-Up
    Even with an affordable fuel oil or propane delivery provider, every household in Pennsylvania can save more with annual heating system maintenance. One yearly heating tune-up will help your furnace or boiler burn fuel more efficiently, giving you more heat per gallon. Plus, it will also reduce your need for HVAC repairs and extend the life of your heating system.
  • Turn Down the Thermostat
    The easiest way to save on your 2019 heating bills is to reduce your thermostat a few degrees while you’re asleep or out of the house. The lowest-maintenance way to do so is to have a programmable thermostat involved. Just set it, forget it, and save money!
  • Close the Fireplace Flue
    Don’t let warm air go out the window—or in this case, up the chimney! Always be sure to close the flue on your fireplace or woodstove after using it. This way, the warm air will stay inside your home where it belongs.
  • Rinse Clothes in Cold Water
    Washing your clothes in cold water has been shown to lock in colors for longer, but if you’re not ready to fully make the switch, at least set the rinse cycle to cold. You’ll spend less on powering your water heater when you reserve hot water for showers and dishes.
  • Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Heater
    Upgrading your home heating equipment to a new, high-efficiency model can work wonders on reducing your heating oil, propane, or fuel bills. Contact us for a professional recommendation and free quote on a new PA home heating system today!

Want More Energy-Saving Tips?

Contact Self Heating & Cooling by phone or online to request more energy-saving tips! We’re here to help you save money on the best home comfort available in Pennsylvania. Click here to contact us through our website, or give us a call at (800) 887-7353. We look forward to hearing from you!

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