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Pool Services Horsham | Ambler | Greater PhiladelphiaYou have a pool on your property to kick back and relax. Don’t stress about the logistics of opening and closing your pool for the season! Self Heating & Cooling is the area’s to-go expert for all things pool service. We are happy to offer varying levels of spring, fall, and winter pool services to help make each seasonal transition as simple as possible. Our pool service is affordable, quick, and efficient.

Pool Services

Spring Opening

  • Assemble and install all pool equipment that was removed for winterization. If the pool water is green, *five gallons of liquid chlorine will be added. Chemicals are not included.
  • Start, check and leave the filtration system and heater running, provided the customer filled the pool or spa up to operating level.
  • Chemicals can be bought through service technicians on the job or ordered by calling our office during normal business hours. Delivery available throughout the season.
  • Note: Use your cover pump to remove accumulated water. Pool must be filled to normal operating level before service.

Spring Opening Vacuum

  • Thorough vacuum of bottom of the pool before spring opening.

Winter Removal with Spring Opening

  • Clean, remove, fold, and store pool cover at customer premises at the time of spring opening. The cover must have all water and debris removed, prior to the technician’s arrival or additional costs will be incurred.

Winter Cover Removal Only

Winter Cover Storage

  • Self Heating & Cooling will store winter cover and return at time of fall shutdown.

Removal of Water and Debris from Cover

  • Pump water, leaves, and debris from pool cover.

Fall Shutdown

  • Lower pool water to proper level.
  • Take apart and clean pool or spa filter.
  • Drain filter, heater, and pumps.
  • Filter, supply, return, and drain lines blown with air and plugged.
  • Remove all pool equipment and store at customer premises.
  • Winter chemicals supplied and installed by Self Heating & Cooling.

Fall Cover Installation

Empty, Clean, Acid Wash, and Rinse Price Quote Only

Self Heating & Cooling is proud to offer more than just seasonal pool services. We also supply and install various pool heaters and pool products. Contact us to schedule your next seasonal pool service or to learn more!

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