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Self Heating & Cooling is here to help make sure that your pool is a safe and fun place to be! We are pleased to include a variety of pool cleaning and safety products to do just that. Customers that choose us for pool service and maintenance experience the same quality of friendly and professional service that our HVAC customers know and love. Explore the pool products we offer, each designed to be affordable and worthwhile.

Pool Cleaners

Aqua Products
Pool Products | Pool Services Horsham | Ambler
Aqua Products has the most diverse line of automatic pool cleaners on the market. Literally, “a cleaner for every pool and pocketbook”! 18 years of design, testing and intense research and development have resulted in Aqua Products lofty position as the leading robotic pool manufacturer in the world. No other company even comes close to offering the choices Aqua Products does. We are pleased to supply:

  • Aquabot Mark V
  • Aquabot Turbo
  • And a full line of additional Aquabot models

Compare and decide which Aquabot is right for your pool and budget.

Pool Safety Covers

Merlin Professional Pool Safety Cover | Pool Services Horsham
Merlin Professional Safety Cover

Safety is the first concern for every pool owner. By installing a Merlin Professional Safety Cover, you can be assured that after the fun, your family and your pool are protected.

  • Prevent children, pets, and debris from entering your pool
  • Proper installation by Merlin-trained technicians
  • Covers customized to a variety of pool shapes and sizes

Ready to add a new pool cleaner or pool safety cover to your home? Call (267) 803-4840 or contact us to learn more!


Pool cleaning and safety
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