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Pool Heaters | Pool Services Horsham | AmblerEveryone loves a relaxing swim in the pool—but no one likes cold water! Our new propane pool heaters let you enjoy warm, evenly-heated water, and even lets you enjoy swimming at night and during those “iffy” late spring and early fall days. Plus, the efficiency of propane will keep your pool warm and comfortable even for those moonlight swims.

Propane Pool Heating Equipment

Propane pool and spa heaters bring the water to yourdesired temperature more quickly than an electric heater. And on average they maintain that temperature more cost effectively. No matter what size your pool is, or whether it’s in-ground or aboveground, Self has the propane pool heater model that’s right for you.

  • Openings

    Assembly and installation of all equipment previously removed for winterization.

  • Cover Removal

    Remove water, leaves and debris from cover. Remove, clean, fold and store winter cover.

  • Maintenance

    Test pool water and add proper chemicals, start, check and leave running filtration system, weekly or monthly valet services. Brush down sides and vacuum pool, water testing with chemical application, scheduled chemical and accessory sales with free delivery, painting, plastering, and sandblasting.

A pool heater can be easily connected by Self Heating & Cooling to your existing propane supply! Call (267) 803-4840 or contact us to learn more about upgrading your current pool system today.


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