How You’ll Benefit from Pennsylvania’s Switch to Ultra-Low Sulfur Oil

As a Pennsylvania energy provider and fuel delivery supplier, Self Heating & Cooling is pleased to announce that our state is moving toward a cleaner, greener oil future. The new minimum fuel standard is ultra-low sulfur oil, which contains only 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur content, instead of the 2,000–5,000 PPM that home heating oil in PA has previously contained. Here’s what you can expect as we move into delivering this new and improved fuel blend.

What You Need to Know About ULS Heating Oil in PA:

How Does 15 PPM Oil Affect My Fuel Usage?

You’ll be pleased to know that nothing negative will result from this climate-conscious improvement. Your current oil-fired furnace or boiler will continue to run smoothly on 15 PPM oil, not requiring any new system modifications or improvements. The biggest impact you’ll see is that positive change that will happen in Pennsylvania’s environment. Plus, you can feel great about the source of your PA home’s heat and hot water.

Benefits for Your Home, Community & State:

  • Lower environmental emissions
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Better local and regional air quality
  • Virtually zero sulfur content

Why did Self Heating & Cooling switch to delivering 15 PPM fuel?

We take pride in delivering fuel that does more for your heating equipment, your budget, and our state. The oil we deliver to your home is eco-friendly ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), which is a more environmentally kind energy source for your warmth and comfort each winter.

How can I order this ultra-low sulfur heating oil for my Greater Philadelphia home?

It’s simple—all you have to do is click here to place your 15 PPM fuel oil order through our secure online portal. Or, if you’d like to simplify your PA fuel orders, sign up for our automatic fuel delivery service by contacting our staff.

You can get in touch with our fuel delivery team to learn more about ULS fuel oil or click here to request your fuel oil delivery today. We love providing your Pennsylvania home with premium ultra-low sulfur fuel oil delivery at a great price.

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