Service Plan Terms & Conditions

Hours of Coverage


  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

With Basic and Comprehensive Energy Plans


  • 8:00AM to 11:00PM

With Service Agreement


  • Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 5:00PM


There will be an additional charge for services rendered at hours other than shown. Service is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

CUSTOMER PLEASE NOTE: All service/maintenance and cleaning programs allow for a maximum of 2 hours of burner cleaning time/service time. Any lapse of yearly coverage that requires additional burner cleaning/service time will be billed in quarter hour increments.



(Please Read Carefully)

  • These plans are available only to Self Heating & Cooling, Inc. customers provided their account is kept current. It will automatically terminate if account is in arrears. There shall be no obligation upon Company to perform any service or provide parts after termination of this Agreement.
  • Acceptance of any equipment depends on said equipment passing an initial inspection. Any repairs recommended by Self Heating and Cooling must be done prior to acceptance of equipment. If customer elects not to have repairs done, inspection will be billed at regular service rates.
  • The cleaning, service and inspection will be performed at our convenience, between 8:00am & 4:00pm weekdays, during the one-year term of this Agreement, unless a specific date is requested by the customer.
  • The Company and customer hereby expressly agree that the Company’s entire liability and the customer’s exclusive remedy under this Plan are limited to the replacement of parts as listed and any labor or material necessary to fulfill this Agreement. The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury caused by defective material or parts purchased and installed by the Company or any material or parts not installed by the Company.
  • Our obligation to furnish any part is subject to its availability through normal sources of supply, obsolete equipment additional charge.
  • Further, the Company shall not be liable for personal injury arising from the performance of services mentioned herein unless caused solely by its negligence; nor shall the Company be liable for any loss, damage or injury caused by failure or delay in performing services when such failure or delay arising from causes beyond its control. In no event shall sequential damages to property or to contractual or commercial rights, as those terms are defined in Section 2-715 of the Pennsylvania Uniform Commercial Code.
  • The Company will not assume any responsibility for any equipment serviced by anyone other than duly authorized by the Company and the customer agrees to accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury caused by such unauthorized service.
  • This plan does not include the cost of labor and/or material resulting from the acts of God (floods, lightning, fire, etc.) or electrical failure, water damage of any description, (including infiltration of underground storage tanks) labor or transportation difficulties, wars, riots, or local State or Federal Acts or requests.
  • This Service plan covers one oil burner only (maximum 3 G.P.H.), or one cooling unit only (maximum 60,000 BTU’s), or one furnace only (maximum 200,000 BTU’s) for a period of one year unless either party gives at least thirty (30) days prior written notice of termination or there is a termination under the first paragraph of these conditions. Upon termination there shall be no refund or credits allowed.
  • Service calls resulting from blown fuses or circuit breakers, emergency switch turned off, thermostat not properly set, or electrical power failure are not covered.
  • Effective period of plan is one year from receipt of payment. Only customers who purchase all their heating oil from the Company are eligible for the A, B, C and H service agreements.
  • This agreement will be renewed yearly unless notified otherwise. Please contact our office should changes be required.


  1. Provide free access to all equipment.
  2. Accept the judgement of Self Heating & Cooling, Inc. as to the best means and methods to correct, repair or replace above mentioned equipment.
  3. Release Self Heating & Cooling, Inc. from this contract should alterations, additions, adjustments or repairs to equipment be made by others.


  1. Provide preventive maintenance during normal working hours.
  2. Provide preferential service over non-contract customers.
  3. File a detailed maintenance report on all equipment.

Customer agrees that the equipment covered by this contract is now in good working order. Damages resulting from heat failure in a vacant or unoccupied home are not covered, whether it be burner failure or lack of fuel, as vacant property should be checked daily by owner or owner’s agent. Agreement does not apply to heaters with an input of over 200,000 BTU’s. Inaccessible and/or rooftop units may incur an additional charge.

To help protect our ozone layer, Self Heating & Cooling, Inc. recovers and reclaims refrigerant.


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