The Importance of a Spring Oil Fill-Up in Greater Philadelphia, PA

The weather is getting warmer, and signs of summer are starting to peek their head around the corner. But don’t forget that weather in Pennsylvania changes drastically through the seasons. Spring is perhaps the most unpredictable of all; warmth can suddenly appear one day and be gone the next.

This lack of predictability presents the potential for local homeowners to be unprepared for heating their homes–that’s why we’re here to stress the importance of a spring oil refill. Check out the reasons below we stress this importance, and contact us when you’re ready to place your oil order.

4 Reasons to Order a Spring Oil Refill

  • Oil prices are the lowest they’ve been in ages
    Ordering oil now will save you money in the long run while heating oil prices are currently at a historic low. And there’s no risk involved! In the “worse-case” scenario, you’ll decide to turn off your heat and be prepared for the first chilly day of fall. Oil prices aren’t likely to fall lower than they are right now, so you’re not gambling by filling your tank.
  • Ordering Is Simple, Easy & Available 24/7
    We provide a convenient online portal that allows our customers to place oil orders any time—no need to wait on the phone or drop by the office to request your oil fill! Simply visit our Order Oil page to place your request, and we’ll happily put you on the fuel delivery schedule. You can always count on us for prompt and reliable oil deliveries.
  • The Weather Is Still Unpredictable
    Although we’re getting closer to summer, we still have cold days and nights ahead of us. Give yourself peace of mind and the ability to turn on your heat in the case of a cold snap. Scheduling your heating oil delivery will give you security no matter what Mother Nature decides in the coming weeks.
  • Keeping Your Tank Full Protects Its Integrity
    Did you know that warm weather can cause oil tanks to collect internal condensation and corrode from the inside out? The best and simplest option to prevent this irreversible damage is to fill your tank with oil so there is no room for condensation to collect.

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