Smart Thermostats


The easiest way to spend less on optimal home comfort is to add a smart thermostat to your home. Self Heating & Cooling offers the latest smart thermostat models from leading manufacturer, Carrier. Find out how this affordable investment can return so many savings and benefits. These thermostats provide:

  • Remote Access

    Smart thermostats have Wi-Fi capability and allow homeowners to control temperature from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Advanced Software

    A smart thermostat is equipped with advanced software that can “learn” your desired temperatures to program itself. It can turn itself down when you’re away and it can also learn how to warm or cool your house by monitoring weather to provide optimal inside temperature. A smart thermostat can also provide energy history to show you when heating and cooling were on and how your energy use was affected. Alerts are provided on your phone if the temperature inside the home gets too hot or too cold.

  • Enhanced Energy Savings

    Smart thermostats provide detailed reports based on energy usage. This information can help a homeowner determine monthly energy savings and compare their home’s usage to those in a surrounding community. In addition to monthly usage and savings, smart thermostats can also help homeowners compare yearly information compared to previous years.

  • Ultimate Simplicity

    Self Heating & Cooling is an authorized Carrier dealer. Our professional staff of trained experts can install and program your thermostat with your phone, tablet, or computer.

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Save energy, save money
Add a smart thermostat to your home.