How Often Should You Check Your Oil or Propane Level?

A: Probably more often than you think!

winter houseMany people in the Greater Philadelphia area don’t check their heating oil or propane tank levels frequently enough. This is a grave mistake, as Pennsylvania gets far too cold to risk a fuel runout. Luckily, checking your oil and propane levels is simple. Plus, at the end of this blog, we’ll reveal a way to avoid the hassle of regularly checking your tank!

Reading Your Oil or Propane Tank’s Fuel Gauge

Will-call delivery customers in Pennsylvania should be monitoring their home heating fuel levels thoroughly: once a week is a good standard for checking the fuel gauge.

Step 1: Find the small round gauge on top of your heating oil or propane tank.
Step 2: Read it like your car’s gas gauge: Full, three quarters, half, one quarter, or empty.
Step 3: Always order a refill by the time your tank reaches one quarter capacity.

Expert Tip for Fuel Customers

If you check your tank and the fuel is barely above ¼, we recommend ordering at that time. If you heat with oil, the downside to having a near-empty tank is that condensation can collect internally, housing corrosion that will eventually wear through the metal. It’s actually better to top off your oil more frequently, because you reduce the risk of needing a replacement oil tank.

Industry Secret: Bypass Checking Your Fuel Tank

Although checking your fuel level isn’t a hard job, but it’s an addition to your busy to-do list (like placing your oil or propane order when the time is right). Here’s the simple solution: Automatic oil delivery is the best thing to hit the energy industry. Self Heating & Cooling has technology that can predict the amount of oil or propane you’ll need, which we bring to your door when your tank starts to run low. With auto delivery, you don’t have to stress about winter storms and fuel outages: just let the experts at Self Heating & Cooling take care of you.

Are you ready to sign up for automatic delivery today? Contact us online, or learn more about our propane, kerosene, diesel, or HVAC services. We look forward to helping 2019 be your best heating year yet!

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