Heating Oil Budget Plans Add Convenience to PA Fuel Bills

As a homeowner in Pennsylvania, there are a few ways to get a handle on your home comfort bills over the summer. Some examples include grilling outside to save your A/C, unplugging heat-emitting appliances and electronics when not in use, and ordering a preseason oil fill to protect your tank from condensation. But July introduces a new way to save on your home comfort: budget and pricing programs.

Heating Oil Pricing Programs in PA

Our goal is to make sure paying your heating bills is as simple as possible. Our variety of pricing and payment plans give you control and personalization to managing your energy costs throughout the year. They start in July, so now is the time to enroll!

Budget Plan

We recommend our monthly budget plan for anyone who would like to manage heating oil delivery costs efficiently and conveniently. We divide your predicted heating oil cost into 11 predictable monthly installments. This will help you spread your heating bills throughout the year, rather than paying for the brunt of your heating costs during the holiday season.

    • Adds convenience and predictability
    • Helps you integrate with other monthly bills
    • Gives you peace of mind during the winter



Cap Price Protection Program

We offer two price protection programs along with our budget plan. The first is the Cap Price Protection Program, which allows you to reserve a specific amount of heating oil at a cap price of your choice. The benefit is that if prices happen to drop, you pay the lower rate!

Prepay Protection Plan

The second price protection option allows you to settle your heating oil bill before the winter even begins, locking in your low rate. You benefit from low prices and getting your heating bills over with early, giving you peaceful, bill-free heating for the rest of the winter and spring.

You can enroll in either program individually or integrate with a budget plan. Ready to sign up for our budget plan or a price protection option? Contact us online or give our friendly staff a call at (267) 803-4840.


Heating Oil Budget Plans

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