Why Getting a Heater Tune-up is Important

tune-up-NORAIf you haven’t scheduled a tune-up appointment for your heating system yet, you should consider doing so before the winter season arrives! Having an annual tune-up will save you money and prevent emergency repairs in the long run. There are a lot of aspects that a heater tune-up can help with. Below are some reasons you should get your heating service scheduled today!

Top Reasons to Get a Heating Tune-up:

  • Getting a tune-up can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.
  • Having your system cleaned will ensure proper airflow
  • Getting a tune-up during the fall allows additional time for the technician to perform a thorough inspection and make any necessary repairs before the temperatures turn chilly
  • If your system is dirty and dusty from last year, it can be challenging for your heater to achieve its normal level or efficiency. Getting a tune-up can allow your system to operate optimally, which will help reduce its energy usage and improve energy efficiency. This could save you up to 15% on utility bills.
  • A tune-up could help catch problems before they occur and save you a repair bill in the future, emergency services always cost more than preventative maintenance. Dirt and neglect are the number one cause of heating system failure according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • In some cases it will maintain the manufacturer’s warranty

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