Why Consider a Price Protection Plan for Fuel Deliveries in PA

To say the summer has been unique would be an understatement! As the sunscreen and swimming season comes to a close, we at Self Heating & Cooling are starting to prepare for the leaves to change and temperatures to start dropping. In addition to this, there’s one important suggestion we make to all of our Pennsylvania fuel delivery customers—signing up for a price protection program option. Keep reading this blog to find out why it’s important to sign up for a price protection program now.

As winter quickly approaches the Horsham, Pennsylvania area, homeowners across the county will begin to start thinking about budgeting for their heating oil, Bioheat®, or propane gas deliveries this year. 2020 is unique for many reasons: one of which is that fuel prices are at historic lows. You’re going to need a steady supply of heating fuel to keep your home running smoothly, family comfortable, and hot water heater running—why not protect your wallet with one of Self Heating & Cooling’s price protection programs? Here are the different fuel delivery price protection plan options you can choose from:

Plan for winter spending

Cap Price Protection Program

What It Is

You have the option to pay an upfront fee to reserve your estimated gallons of fuel for the year, and we’ll provide you with a two-part guarantee regarding your price per gallon. Part one is that your cost will never exceed the cap price of your choice, no matter how high fuel prices rise. Part two is that if the market price drops below the cap price, you’ll pay whichever number is lower!

How It Helps

Enjoy cost convenience that can’t be beat. There’s no risk because if market prices drop lower than your cap, you’ll still get the lower price. We recommend this to all customers to reduce the stress that spiking heating fuel costs can cause.

Prepay Plan Price Protection Program

What It Is

Reserve your gallons for the season by paying for them before the season even starts. Your heating fuel deliveries will be made without charge since you paid ahead of time. If by chance, your prepay gallons run out, you can purchase more at market price on the day of delivery.

How It Helps

Benefit from cost-free fuel deliveries during the heating season and the holiday season for total convenience and stress-free home heating. By getting your payments out of the way ahead of time, you have even more room in your monthly budget for seasonal costs and expenses.

Want to Enroll in the Fuel Delivery Price Protection Plan of Your Choice?

We encourage you to sign up now, or at least reach out for more information! Simply contact us by phone, online form, or email if you have questions, or log into your Self HC account to sign up for the Cap Price protection program or the Prepay Plan protection program. We’ll be more than happy to help you set up an account so you can enjoy stress-free heating all winter long in Greater Philadelphia, PA.

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