Propane Autogas

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Self Heating & Cooling is proud to offer propane autogas delivery for customers located within our Greater Philadelphia service area. Propane autogas, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), is a liquid fuel created during natural gas processing or oil refining. Propane autogas powers 17 million vehicles globally, and is the third most widely used vehicle fuel in the world. Business owners across the country are beginning to see the advantages of this economical and alternative fuel option.

Power Your Equipment with Propane Autogas

Propane autogas can be used to power essential commercial machinery, like forklifts, space heaters, lawn mowers, and more. Its versatility isn’t the only reason business owners choose this fuel to keep their equipment on the move. Propane autogas offers many valuable benefits, like:

  • Domestically produced in the U.S.
  • Burns cleaner than gasoline
  • Costs considerably less than gasoline or diesel
  • Cleaner fuel means lower engine maintenance costs
  • Potential for alternative fuel tax credits and incentives for converting your vehicles.

Consider converting your fleet of commercial machinery to propane autogas today! If you already use propane autogas, Self Heating & Cooling is pleased to deliver fuel directly to your business location. Simply call our office at (267) 803-4840.


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