Heating Oil

Thermostat | Heating Oil Delivery Horsham | AmblerDid you know that more than 13 million families and businesses in North America use home heating oil? Its benefits are simple: oil burns hotter than gas, making it more comfortable, it’s 16% more efficient than gas, and it burns cleanly so it’s safe for the environment. It is also safe for your home; oil heat is naturally non-explosive. It’s no surprise that so many families and businesses in the Northeast choose heating oil to stay comfortable year after year. Self Heating & Cooling employs a “ready for anything” service fleet that is always available to make sure you receive the fuel you need.

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

There are so many things to remember when winter arrives. With our worry-free automatic delivery service, ordering oil doesn’t have to be one of them. Automatic delivery combines your past annual fuel records with state-of-the-art weather tracking technology. This allows us to determine when you’re in need of a fuel oil delivery. Best of all, automatic delivery is available to Self Heating & Cooling customers free of charge. If you aren’t enrolled, contact us to sign up today!

The Top Heating Source for PA Homeowners

Heating oil has been one of the top energy options for residents in the Northeast for decades. Thanks to advancements like Bioheat and high-efficiency technology, oil continues to be one of the best heating sources on the market.

  • Oil heat is safe.

    Oil is non-explosive and will exhibit obvious warning signs of a malfunction, like soot or smoke. Heating oil tanks are designed to last. You can get even more peace of mind by signing up for oil tank protection.

  • Oil heat is clean.

    Heating oil burns cleaner than ever and produces fewer, cleaner emissions into our air.

  • Oil heat is abundant.

    Did you know heating oil is produced right here in the United States? Choose a local heating oil provider like Self Heating & Cooling for personalized service and professional capacity.

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