Budget & Pricing Programs

Pool Heaters | Pool Services Horsham | AmblerSelf Heating & Cooling is here to make sure paying your heating bills is as simple as possible. We offer a variety of pricing and payment plans to allow your household control in managing your energy costs throughout the year.

Budget Plan

Our monthly budget plan is highly recommended to anyone who is trying to manage their oil delivery costs as efficiently as possible. Your budget payment lets you spread out your annual heating costs into 11 smaller, predictable monthly payments rather than lump sums only in a couple months.

  • Starts in July and ends in May.
  • The estimated monthly budget is calculated by the prior year’s oil usage and calculated with the current price of heating oil.
  • June is the month the account is settled.

To enroll, create an account on our website or call our office at (267) 803-4840.


Price Protection

  • Cap Program

    You pay an upfront fee to reserve the number of gallons of fuel you’ll use during the heating season with a two-part guarantee regarding price. First, your price will not exceed the “cap price” that you lock into when you enroll, no matter how high the prices soar. Secondly, if the price is lower than the “cap price,” you will pay the lower price for that delivery.

  • Prepay Plan

    Reserve the number of gallons of fuel you’ll need for the season by paying before the season begins. All deliveries made during the heating season are charged against the prepaid amount. If you receive more oil than is prepaid for, you’ll receive that delivery at the market price on the day of the delivery.

You can enroll in either program individually or integrate with a budget plan. To enroll, create an account on our website or call our office at (267) 803-4840.


Not sure which plan is right for you? Call a Self Heating & Cooling customer representative to learn more.