bioheat logoWhat is Bioheat?

Bioheat®, also known as biofuel or “bioheating” oil, is one of the “hottest” things happening in home comfort. This alternative heating option that is compatible with traditional heating oil systems. Bioheat is a blend of renewable resources and oil that is biodegradable and non-toxic. Self Heating & Cooling is pleased to offer timely delivery of Bioheat to customers across our Pennsylvania service area.

Fast Facts about Bioheat

What is Bioheat? Will it work with your oil heating system? We’ve got the answers.

  • Bioheat is made in the USA.

    The biofuel in Bioheat is domestically produced from renewable resources like recycled soybeans and vegetable oils. Bioheat helps to support our nation’s farmers and reduces dependence on foreign oil.

  • Bioheat burns clean.

    Using Bioheat means fewer service calls. Not to mention, it has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel, which means it burns with the hottest flame.

  • Bioheat works with your equipment.

    Bioheat is compatible with existing oil heat systems, no equipment or tank modifications required. It requires no changes to your service contract or warranties, and it is delivered in the same truck as traditional heating oil.

  • Bioheat is affordable.

    It costs about the same as “regular” heating oil.

Self Heating & Cooling is pleased to deliver premium Bioheat to customers in Pennsylvania. Click or call (267) 803-4840 to learn more about using affordable, environmentally-friendly Bioheat in your home or business.


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