5 Simple Ways to Save Energy This Summer

Summer Energy-Saving Tips


Summer is officially here! Wouldn’t it be nice to cut your summer energy costs and use that extra money on your upcoming vacation? Now is the perfect time to prepare your home so that your family can stay cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer. Find out how you can save energy and money this season. Here are five tips to get you started:

5 Energy Saving Tips for Saving Money This Summer:

Tune-Up Your A/C

Just like your car or your heating system, preventative maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Additionally, a tune-up helps to minimize the risk of a breakdown, extend the life of your system, and improve overall performance. The best part? A tune-up can actually help you save money and energy. Just one annual visit can help lower your summer utility bills by 10%. If your current A/C equipment is 10 years or older, you could save even more in the long run with an upgrade.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Add a smart thermostat to your home to enhance your energy savings. Programming your thermostat to automatically turn down your A/C while you are away or asleep will significantly reduce your energy use. Smart thermostats also provide advanced features, like Wi-Fi access and weather monitoring to adjust indoor temperature based on the daily forecast.

Seal Drafts & Leaks

Run your hands around the perimeter of your doors and windows. If you feel a draft, make sure you caulk those cracks and air leaks to keep the hot air from coming in (and prevent cool air from escaping).

Use Fans Wisely

Did you know that running your ceiling fan while the A/C is on will allow you to raise your thermostat by four degrees without impacting your comfort? Just remember to turn off the fan when you leave a room to boost energy savings even further.

Cook Outside

Cooking on an outdoor grill is what summer is all about. Not only is grilling a healthy method of cooking, but it can also help reduce your energy costs. Cooking in your oven will conjure extra heat, causing your air conditioning system to work overtime.


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