Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Replacing Your Heating System

everything that comes hand-in-hand with heating your home: how much fuel it takes, what your average oil or propane bill is, and how many times you’ve needed service for your heating equipment. If you live in Horsham, PA you know that temperatures are dropping fast, so why wait until the last minute to see if your heating system is up for yet another cold season. This year, instead of lowering your thermostat or repeatedly calling for service, save money and invest a new high-efficiency furnace or boiler heating system.

That’s right! Upgrading to a new heating system can significantly lower your heating bills for this winter and many more to come.

Higher Efficiency Equipment

Higher Efficiency

New oil and propane heating equipment operates as much as 30% more efficient than the older model you may have in your home. Choosing a boiler or furnace with an ENERGYSTAR® rating can help you save even more, as they are energy-efficient systems that are designed to deliver maximum comfort while using less fuel.


Reduce Service Calls

Fewer Service Calls

A new high-efficiency heating system will require less maintenance. You will not only notice the comfort the new system brings to your home, but also the need to worry less about an unexpected service calls. Your new furnace or boiler will be ready to operate at its absolute best, saving you the cost and hassle of frequent breakdowns.


Heating System Part Replacement

Less Frequent Parts Replacements

At the time of your last tune-up or service call, did an HVAC technician suggest you update or replace a component or two for your heating system? For older HVAC systems, it’s more likely each year that you will need new boiler or furnace parts. Constantly replacing different parts will eventually add up! Investing in a new high-efficiency boiler or furnace will minimize part replacement costs, and save you money in the long run.


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