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Maximum Comfort and Energy Savings

The Infinity™ Air Conditioner can save up to 52%* on your cooling costs. An exceptionally reliable, ultra-efficient system with non-ozone depleteing Puron® refrigerant, it adds up to a sound choice for your budget and the environment.

The Infinity™ 96 Gas Furnace can save you up to 40%* on your operating costs; the most energy-efficient furnace you can buy. It's a choice you'll be very comfortable with!

The Infinity™ Air Purifier removes and kills germs and allergens to give you cleaner, healthier air throughout your home all year long. An air purifier is especially important during flu and allergy seasons.
Power outages can happen in the blink of an eye. No matter how it goes out, the big question is ... "When will it come back on?" The Generac Automatic Home Standby Generator can restore enough power to your home to keep your heat or air conditioning running — giving you the comfort you deserve.

With Generac, you can always rely on expertise, efficiency, reliability and factory-trained technicians.


Ensure Year-Round Comfort with Remote Tank Monitoring

Increase your peace of mind with the Self Heating & Cooling remote tank monitoring service. We use a wireless process to access your tank's information, tracking the fuel level so that we can automatically respond to any changes or increases in your consumption and complete deliveries as needed. In addition, the system ensures your safety and protects your home. With constant monitoring, Self Heating & Cooling will be notified of any erratic operations. Here's how the system works:
  1. The Cellular Unit: The equipment is typically installed in under 15 minutes, including a full system test to ensure that the equipment is working properly and the service is properly reporting tank level data to Self. A cable connects the cellular unit to the gauge on your tank to read the level. The equipment is completely sealed and maintenance-free, designed for years of reliable operation.

  2. The Cell Tower: The tank reading is sent via a secure cellular network providing a reliable communication path to Self. The cellular unit reads and records your tank level multiple times per day. If a low level is detected at any one of those readings, a priority notification is immediately sent to Self. Additionally, the complete set of tank level and usage data is transmitted to Self at regular intervals so that we can be more responsive to your needs.

  3. Reports: Self receives reports that list every tank fill with the date, time and gallons delivered, thereby creating a chronological history of all your tank activity. These reports ensure timely deliveries so you will never run out of fuel.

  4. Delivery: Because Self is monitoring your tank levels, you can rest assured that each fuel delivery will be there when you need it.
For more information about our state-of-the-art remote tank monitoring systems, please call 800-887-SELF or contact us today.

Carrier Air

NEW Carrier Air Conditioners with Puron® Refrigerant

  • Air Conditioners have up to 21 SEER
  • Carrier's best reliability
  • Carrier's lowest operating cost system
  • ENERGY STAR compliant
  • Self-configuring components for optimum performance with Infinity System
  • Two-stage operation
  • Puron® refrigerant is environmentally sound, won't deplete the ozone layer, low lifetime service cost
  • Microtube Technology™ refrigeration system
  • SilencerSystem II™ quiet operation inside & out
  • Allow users to easily customize & manage their indoor environment
  • One control adjusts both temperature & humidity
  • World-class patent pending design
  • Solid, durable sheet metal construction
  • Full line of indoor air quality accessories
  • 10-year limited compressor warranty
  • 5-year limited parts warranty

The New Standard in High Efficiency

Higher SEER Requirements for 2006

Like many consumer products that use energy, air conditioners and heat pumps are manufactured to meet or exceed minimum efficiency standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy. After nearly a decade with 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) as the minimum efficiency, on January 23, 2006, the mandated SEER increased to 13.


SEER Chart
For every $100 spent to cool your home using an 8 SEER air conditioner, a 14 SEER air conditioner should cost you approximately $57. Actual savings will depend on the efficiency of your current system compared to the efficiency of a new system.

Who will this affect?

The 13 SEER minimum applies to all new equipment manufactured on or after January 23, 2006. You may continue to use your current system indefinitely, even if it operates below 13 SEER, but when it's time to replace your system, only 13 SEER or higher models will be available.

Higher SEER means cost-savings and energy efficiency

For many homeowners, a 13 SEER air conditioner or heat pump will save money on each month's electric bill. Your actual savings will depend on the efficiency of your current system. For example, a 13 SEER product:
  • Delivers about 23% more energy savings than a 10 SEER model
  • Delivers about 8% more energy savings than a 12 SEER model
Actual savings will depend on the age, efficiency and condition of the unit being replaced, but if you are currently considering a new air conditioner or heat pump, it makes sense to start saving now with a 13 SEER product. Carrier offers several heat pumps and air conditioners that meet and exceed the 13 SEER requirement - even up to an industry high 21 SEER.

Our Other Fine Products


Robur ACF HR Series
It's a cooling system ... it's a water heater ... it's both!

It's the Robur ACF HR Series

Gas absorption chiller with heat recovery

Runs on natural gas or propane!
If you're looking for a unit to cool medium-to-large areas, we've got a great new product for you - the Robur ACF HR Series of water chillers are equipped with an air-cooled condenser and designed for outdoor installation. The absorption cooling cycle is based upon a solution of water and ammonia for the production of chilled water down to 37.4°F. The chilling system is fed by heat energy provided by a gas burner, therefore the required electric energy is limited to driving the fan and pump motors (the only mechanical moving components of the unit). Best of all, it produces free hot water, up to 176°F, while it cools.

Special features of the Robur ACF HR Series:
  • Efficiency up to 170%
  • Extremely low electricity consumption: saving up to 88% of electricity compared with a traditional electrical system
  • Almost total reduction in electrical power
  • Free domestic hot water production in cooling mode operation
  • Complete system flexibility and modularity, ensuring continuity of service and providing the cooling output according to seasonal demands
Real Fyre Logs

NEW! Gas Logs

"I can't believe they're not real wood logs!" is what you'll say when you see our Real-Fyre Premium Gas Logs. With Real-Fyre gas logs, you get the cleanest, most economical, most convenient alternative to burning real wood. In fact, by burning Real-Fyre gas logs instead of wood, you become a friend of the environment by dramatically reducing pollutants into the air. Available in more than 40 authentic styles, every Real-Fyre gas log is painstakingly hand-crafted and hand-painted to create the most realistic gas log set ever manufactured - from its active natural flames down to its glowing bed of lifelike embers. Real-Fyre even offers log sets in glass, stone and geo-shape options, for a dramatic flare to any hearth. Add an elegant touch to your home ... and wonderful memories around the fire for years to come with Real-Fyre. Real-Fyre logs are now on display in our showroom. Please call our office for details.

To learn more about propane fireplaces, click here!

System 2000


At Self Heating & Cooling, our home heating systems are designed for maximum comfort at the lowest possible prices. The renowned Energy Kinetics System 2000, for example, is an oil-fired boiler complete with a fully insulated hot water storage tank and a solid state control panel called the System Manager. The System 2000 offers unlimited hot water as well as fast, efficient, superior heating comfort.

Water Heating

Since 1881, Bradford White has manufactured top-of-the-line water heaters certified to the highest and toughest standards. At Self Heating & Cooling, we're proud to offer the Bradford White water heater product line, known for its outstanding performance and efficiency. Oil-fired and UL-approved glass lined, a Bradford White residential water heater delivers incomparable service for showering, dishwashing, laundering and cleaning.

Bradford WhiteRight now if you upgrade to a Bradford White residential water heater, there's no money down and we'll spread your payments over ten years! For just $20 a month for gas hot water heaters, and $30 a month for oil hot water heaters, you can enjoy all the advantages a new Bradford White hot water heater can provide.

Solar Water Heating

Caleffi Solar Homeowners who want to replace fossil fuels or electricity with alternative energy can switch immediately to solar hot water heating. Self Heating & Cooling installs equipment from Caleffi, a world-class manufacturer of solar energy solutions. Caleffi solar collectors are highly effective in a northern environment like ours and can help you decrease your water heating bills by 50 to 80 percent. Collectors can be connected to most hot water storage tanks, where they are backed up by your existing water heating system. In a period of extended cloudy weather, your electric, gas or oil water heater will provide supplemental water heating automatically so you always have a plentiful supply. You won't have to worry about price increases for the bulk of your water heating, because solar energy is free! Caleffi solar panels are low-profile and resemble skylights, so you won't compromise your home's appearance.

To learn more about solar water heating, click the following links:

Temperature Control

Perfect ClimateIs your home too hot in some rooms and too cold in others? With the Honeywell Perfect Climate System, you can eliminate unbalanced temperatures and enjoy total indoor comfort year-round. The Honeywell Perfect Climate System is an all-in-one comfort system that controls the indoor temperature, air quality, air distribution and humidity. And best of all, the entire program pays for itself in energy savings within five years or less! Give your family the comfort it deserves by calling Self Heating & Cooling to have us install a Honeywell Perfect Climate System today!

Air Conditioning

CarrierAt Self Heating & Cooling, summer begins with the most modern and efficient central air conditioning systems on the market. That's why we are proud to install and service all the top name manufacturers.

And we're an authorized dealer of Carrier, the HVAC world leader. Carrier develops custom-made indoor weather systems to make you and your family comfortable 'round-the-clock.

Radiant Heating

Click here to find out more.

For more information on these and many other fine products, please contact us.